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Strain Improvement Services

Creative BioMart Microbe has been engaged in the microbial service industry for many years. Our experts have rich experience in microbiology research and have successfully helped customers improve a variety of strains. We can improve strains through mutation, dominant selection and recombination technology.

Strain Improvement

Strain Improvement Services

Microbes can produce a variety of valuable products, including antibiotics and enzymes. In many industries, strain improvement and strain development are involved, because the products produced by wild strains do not fully meet the requirements of commercial production in terms of yield and titer. Therefore, in the process of microbial fermentation, measures such as strain screening and strain improvement are often used to obtain production strains with the advantages of higher yield, higher titer, better stability, lower toxicity, shorter fermentation time, and lower substrate cost.

The strain improvement method involves different technical methods, including mutation and genetic recombination. Commonly used mutagenesis techniques include chemical mutagenesis and ultraviolet radiation mutagenesis.

Strain Improvement Service Provided by Creative BioMart Microbe

We have established a complete strain improvement platform, which includes a variety of commonly used strain improvement technologies, such as physical mutagenesis, protoplast fusion, chemical mutagenesis, gene recombination technology, etc. Customers can communicate with our experts according to their needs, and our experts will carry out personalized design of the program according to the strain improvement technology and specific strains.

Our strain improvement platform covers an intelligent strain screening platform, which can help customers screen out strains that better meet customer needs. If you only have service requirements for strain screening, you can also contact us, our experts will work out a personalized screening plan as soon as possible.

Why Choose Creative BioMart Microbe?

  • Personalized service to develop a more suitable strain improvement plan or strain screening plan in a shorter time
  • Experienced expert team and strict experimental operation regulations to ensure higher success rate of strain improvement and strain development services.
  • Powerful technology platform supports the strain improvement and strain development needs of different customers

If you are interested in our strain improvement service, or have related service needs, you can contact us at any time to learn more about the strain improvement service.

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