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Biofilms Technical Service

Creative BioMart Microbe provides customers with a series of technical services related to biofilms. Biofilm is a unique structure composed of microorganisms and extracellular polymeric substances (mainly composed of polysaccharides, proteins, nucleic acids and lipids) attached to the surface. Biofilms can be formed on a variety of surfaces, including equipment surfaces and human tissue systems.

The testing and research of biofilms involve multiple industry fields. Creative BioMart Microbe will conduct biofilm testing according to industry characteristics and provide customized research services.

Biofilms Technical Service

Clinical medicine: 60-80% of chronic infections are caused by biofilms, and biofilms are resistant to antibacterial agents. Therefore, testing and research on biofilms may be involved in the efficacy test of antibiotics.

Medical device: The formation of biofilm is the cause of medical equipment failures and infections caused by medical equipment to patients. It is necessary to conduct relevant evaluation and research on medical equipment.

Food industry: Biofilm-forming species may be pathogenic. Biofilms can corrode the metal surfaces of food production facilities. In addition, enzymes secreted by biofilms may change the sensory properties of food.

Water system: The presence of biofilms in industrial water and drinking water systems may cause microbial corrosion of pipelines, introduction of pathogenic bacteria, reduction of dissolved oxygen, and changes in taste and odor.

Oil and gas industry: The main impact of biofilm formation on the oil and gas industry lies in the corrosion of pipelines and the microbial contamination. Microbially influenced corrosion (MIC) has always been regarded as an important cause of economic losses in the petroleum industry.

Biofilm Technical Services Provided by Creative BioMart Microbe are as Follows:

Why Choose Creative BioMart Microbe?

  • Comprehensive biofilm testing and technical services to help customers advance relevant research
  • Established multiple technology platforms suitable for biofilm testing and research
  • An experienced technical team and strict experimental standard operating procedures ensure the accuracy and reliability of each test
  • Efficient technical services and reasonable service prices help customers shorten the research cycle and save research costs
  • Personalized technical services and research solutions to effectively meet the research needs of customers

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