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Probiotics Detection Service

Creative BioMart Microbe provides quality detection and identification services for probiotics in food samples. Our technical team is experienced and can provide customers with accurate and repeatable test results, which is why customers trust us and choose to cooperate with us for a long time.

Probiotics in Food Industry

Probiotics Detection Service

Probiotics refer to a class of active microorganisms that help the balance of intestinal microbes. When ingested in sufficient amounts, they can produce health benefits for consumers. The microorganisms considered as probiotics mainly include Lactobacillus species, Bifidobacterium species, other lactic acid bacteria and nonlactic acid bacteria, such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Escherichia coli strain Nissle. Sources of probiotics include yogurt, cheese, human gastrointestinal tract, and animal offal. The ideal probiotic strain is non-toxic and non-pathogenic, it can pass through the intestinal transport process and adhere to the intestinal epithelium. In addition, these strains do not bind to bile acids, do not carry transferable antibiotic resistance genes, and can stabilize the intestinal flora balance. Adding probiotics to food has many benefits for the human body, including enhancing the intestinal epithelial barrier function, competitively eliminating pathogenic microorganisms, regulating the immune system, producing antimicrobial peptides, etc. Probiotics have certain preventive and protective effects in diseases such as diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, respiratory infections, and osteoporosis. The function of probiotics is strain-specific, and improper use will cause potential harm to consumers' health. Therefore, the identification of probiotics in food is very important. In addition, the transient adhesion between probiotics and intestinal epithelium, the resistance of the strain to the processing process, antibiotic resistance, virulence, and platelet aggregation activity are all important factors that affect the quality of probiotic-related foods.

Our Services

Creative BioMart Microbe Provides Detection Services for the Following Probiotics (including but not limited to):




L. rhamnosus

L. acidophilus

L. plantarum

L. casei

L. delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus

L. amylovorus

L. fermentum

L. crispatus

L. brevis

L. johnsonii

L. fermentum

L. paracasei

L. gasseri

L. reuteri


B. infantis

B. animalis subsp. lactis

B. thermophilum

B. adolescentis

B. pseudocatenulatum

B. bifidum

B. longum

B. breve


S. pastorianus

S. cerevisiae


L. lactis


E. durans

E. faecium


S. thermophilus


P. acidilactici


L. mesenteroides


B. coagulans

B. subtilis


E. coli Nissle 1917

Our Advantages

Creative BioMart Microbe has a team of experts with rich experience in the field of microbiology. We have been committed to providing quality microbiological services and products to customers in the food industry.

  • Our extensive experience in microbiology enables us to perform fast, accurate, sensitive and specific tests on food samples.
  • We provide 24/7 customer service, so as to ensure that we can answer and give feedback to customer' questions or needs as soon as possible.
  • We always adhere to a rigorous attitude in experimental testing to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of testing results.
  • Our detection service is suitable for many foods.
  • We not only provide probiotics detection services, but also provide some other microbiology services, which can fully meet the microbiology needs of customers in the food industry.

Workflow of Probiotics Detection Service at Creative BioMart Microbe


At Creative BioMart Microbe, we provide probiotic detection services involving a variety of probiotics and multiple food categories. You can communicate with our experts according to your needs, and we will determine the final test plan based on the results of the communication. If you are a customer in the food industry and are looking for probiotic detection services, please feel free to contact us for more service information and price information.

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