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Metagenomics Analysis Service

Through metagenomics technology, we can help customers achieve rapid analysis of microbial communities from samples of soil, feces, oral cavity, wastewater, sludge, etc. Creative BioMart Microbe has established a proprietary metagenomics analysis platform, covering technologies such as whole genome metagenomics and targeted metagenomics, which can achieve comprehensive coverage of the microbial genome and provide valuable information for customers' microbiology research.

Metagenomics Advances Microbial Community Research

In nature, microorganisms mostly exist in the form of communities, and they play an important role in the human body and the natural environment. The microbial community has the characteristics of a wide variety, complex structure and physiological and biochemical functions, and the research on the microbial community has excellent application prospects in many fields.

Metagenomics Analysis Service

The rapid development of next-generation sequencing technology has made metagenomics technology an important method for microbial community research. The metagenomics method can realize the overall study of the microbial community from the soil, water, sludge, ocean, feces, oral cavity, skin and vagina, etc., so as to analyze the composition and interaction of the microbial community.

Metagenomics studies the genomes of all microorganisms in a sample. There are still a large number of microorganisms that cannot be cultured by standard techniques, and they constitute an important part of the earth's biodiversity. Metagenomics, as a technology that does not involve microbial culture, has a key position in the study of microbial diversity, and makes the application of microbiome in medicine, agriculture, ecological environment protection and other fields have great development potential.

We Provide Two Technology Platforms for Metagenomics Analysis of Microbial Communities

  • Amplicon Sequencing
  • Amplicon sequencing is a technique for the analysis of genetic variation in specific genomic regions. In metagenomics analysis, we only sequence rRNA from microbial samples, such as 16S rRNA from bacteria and archaea, and 18S rRNA from fungi.

  • Shotgun Sequencing
  • Shotgun sequencing can also be called whole metagenome shotgun or WMGS sequencing. Through Shotgun sequencing technology, we sequence the complete genome of the microorganisms in the sample, so in addition to studying rRNA, we can also analyze other genetic information.

Our Service Advantage

  • Two sequencing technology platforms, amplicon sequencing and shotgun sequencing, can meet the research needs of different customers
  • The first-class metagenomics technology platform and experienced expert team can provide customers with fast and reliable analysis services
  • Provide professional and detailed data analysis reports to help customers better analyze the diversity of microbial communities

Workflow of Metagenomics Analysis Service

Metagenomics Analysis Service

Sample Requirements

  • Pre-extracted DNA (in order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the analysis results, customers need to ensure that the DNA samples provided meet the requirements, or directly perform DNA extraction by our technicians)
  • Samples to be analyzed from soil, drinking water, wastewater, sludge, feces, saliva, urine, GI contents, etc.
  • Swab samples from the surface of skin, oral cavity, vagina, industrial facilities, etc.

Creative BioMart Microbe is committed to providing customers with high-quality metagenomics analysis solutions, and we also provide metatranscriptomics, metabolomics and metaproteomics analysis services.

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