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Microbial Identification Service

Creative BioMart Microbe provides a comprehensive service for the identification of bacteria and fungi. A series of traditional and rapid microbial identification technical services can meet the needs of different customers. We cooperate with customers in different industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, cosmetics, oil and gas, medical equipment, etc.

Microbial contamination occurs in many industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics. Microbial contamination will have a huge impact on the product quality and economic benefits of these industries. Therefore, the identification of microorganisms has become particularly important.

Microbial Identification Service

Microbial Identification

Microbial identification generally refers to the identification of bacteria, yeasts or molds with the help of existing classification systems and the analysis of microbial characteristics, or the use of verified sequence libraries to identify the genus and/or species of microorganisms. Different customers have different requirements for microbial identification, and the level of identification required is also different.

Creative BioMart Microbe has established various levels of microbial identification technology platforms, enabling customers to select appropriate service items according to their needs.

  • Traditional Microbial Identification Technology Platforms
  • In order to meet the needs of different customers, Creative BioMart Microbe provides a variety of traditional microbial identification technology platforms for the identification of bacteria and fungi. Traditional microbial identification techniques mostly use phenotypic characteristics such as cell morphology, biochemical reactions, serological reactions, nutritional and physical requirements for growth to determine contaminating microorganisms. We provide fatty acid analysis, carbon source analysis, (G+C) mol% determination and API analysis services for strain identification. You can contact us at any time by phone or email to obtain more detailed service information, or you can contact us through the inquiry form, and our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.

  • Microbial rapid identification technology platform

    You can also choose our rapid identification platform for strain identification. Creative BioMart Microbe provides a series of rapid identification technology platforms, which can provide comprehensive identification services for bacteria, molds and yeasts.

    • DNA-DNA Hybridization
    • DNA-DNA hybridization technology has higher accuracy than (G+C) mol% determination. When the DNA-DNA hybridization homology is higher than 70%, the microorganism species can be identified and determined.

    • 16S rRNA Gene Sequencing
    • 16S rRNA gene sequencing is a powerful strategy for bacterial contamination identification. Our technical experts will analyze the 16S rRNA gene sequence in the microbial samples and compare it with our verified gene sequenceing library to identify the bacteria at the genus and species level. 16S rRNA gene sequencing technology can quickly achieve reliable identification of bacteria.

    • 18S/ITS Sequencing
    • 18S/ITS sequencing is a widely used fungal identification technology method, which is suitable for the identification of the genus and species level of yeasts and molds, and has the advantages of high efficiency and accuracy.

    • MALDI-TOF MS (matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry) is a reliable method for species identification of bacteria and yeasts, which can achieve rapid and accurate identification of bacteria. Compared with traditional phenotypic identification methods, MALDI-TOF MS technology has a higher accuracy and a shorter delivery time than other identification methods.

Creative BioMart Microbe is Your Reliable Partner

  • We guarantee delivery of identification results within 3-5 working days. For rapid identification services, we can guarantee delivery of microbiological identification results within 24 hours
  • We have experience in cooperating with customers in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, water, medical equipment and other industries, and can provide customers in various industries with fast and reliable microbiological identification services
  • We have established a library containing a large number of bacterial and fungal sequence information, which can identify most species of bacteria and fungi
  • The well-established quality management system can guarantee the accuracy and reliability of each test result
  • We also provide additional strain isolation and purification services to assist customers in identifying microorganisms in mixed samples

Sample Requirements

  • Genomic DNA: The total sample volume is required to be ≥ 20 μL, and the genomic DNA concentration ≥ 100 ng/μL
  • Plate or slope samples, or broths samples of pure culture: Plate and slope samples are required to have a single colony
  • We also accept mixed cultures. Our strain isolation and purification services can help, but the delivery time of identification results may need to be extended

Workflow of Microbial Identification Service

Microbial Identification Service

If you want to know more information about our microbial identification service, please feel free to contact us.

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