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Probiotics & Prebiotics Treatment Research Service

Probiotics are microorganisms that can help maintain the health of the human intestinal tract, while prebiotics are a class of substances that play an important role in the growth and colonization of probiotics. Creative BioMart Microbe promotes intestinal health strategy research by providing outsourced probiotic and prebiotics treatment research services to customers.

Prebiotics Treatment Research Service

Prebiotics are beneficial to the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria in the human intestine. They are closely related to human health, obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, diabetes, etc. Therefore, prebiotics are used in the research of treatment strategies related to these diseases in order to improve the intestinal health of patients.

Creative BioMart Microbe provides scientific research outsourcing services for customers’ prebiotic treatment researches. Our experts will design a scientific and reasonable research plan based on the research purpose of the customer, and use our advanced technology platform to implement the research plan. At the same time, a strict quality management system can ensure the reliability and accuracy of the research results. Our services include but are not limited to the following research areas:

  • Effect of prebiotics on probiotics
  • Effect of prebiotics on the growth of potential pathogenic microorganisms in the intestine
  • Prebiotics health impact research

Probiotics Treatment Research Service

Probiotics are closely related to intestinal health and have therapeutic potential in intestinal diseases, immune regulation and liver diseases. They are currently being studied as a treatment strategy for many diseases. We provide a number of scientific research outsourcing services for probiotic researchers. We will customize personalized research plans according to specific research projects, adjust and optimize the plans at any time according to customer needs. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Probiotics health impact research
  • Probiotics survival research
  • Bifidobacteria colonization pattern
  • Effect of probiotics on the activities of intestinal enzyme
  • Probiotics & immune modulation

Synbiotics Effect Research Service

Synbiotics is a new concept introduced in therapeutic foods. The purpose is to use the synergistic effect of probiotics and prebiotics to influence the microbes in the gastrointestinal tract and promote intestinal health. The synbiotics research services we provide include:

  • Effect of synbiotics on the intestinal and fecal flora
  • Effect of synbiotics on microbial metabolism
  • Effect of synbiotics on digestive enzyme activity

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Probiotics & Prebiotics Treatment Research Service

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