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Salmonella Test Services

Salmonella is one of the main causes of foodborne diseases. Creative BioMart Microbe provides reliable salmonella test services for customers in the food industry.


Salmonella Test Services

The genus Salmonella is a type of Gram-negative bacteria belonging to Enterobacteriaceae. The genus Salmonella consists of two species, including Salmonella enterica and Salmonella bongori, of which Salmonella enterica can be further subdivided into six subspecies. Salmonella can also be further subdivided into more than 2,500 serotypes based on the presence of specific surface molecules such as O-antigen (O-Ag) and H-antigen (H-Ag). Differences in the classification of Salmonella serotypes can affect not only their host specificity, but also their characteristics such as metabolic, physiological and virulence.

Salmonella and Foodborne Diseases

Salmonella infection is one of the important factors that cause foodborne diseases. Almost all serotypes of Salmonella can cause diseases. Every year, many patients are infected with salmonella, and serious patients need hospitalization or even result in death. Salmonella-related diseases mainly include gastroenteritis, septicemia and intestinal fever. Generally speaking, most patients with Salmonella infection can recover within a week without special treatment, but sometimes the infection will develop into a more serious systemic disease, requiring antibiotics for treatment.

Salmonella in Food

Most Salmonella infections are related to the consumption of food contaminated with Salmonella. Even if the content of Salmonella in the food is very low, it can also cause infection. Foods that may be contaminated with salmonella include meat, dairy products, fresh vegetables, etc. As the main source of Salmonella contamination, fast, sensitive and reliable testing of food and its production environment is needed to improve food safety and reduce the incidence of salmonellosis from the source.

Our Services

  • Salmonella isolation. Suitable for food such like eggs, milk powder, bread, spices, candy, food dyes, fruits, etc.
  • Rapid detection of Salmonella. Using PCR or immunoassay to quickly detect the presence of Salmonella in the sample. Sample can be food samples (25g, 50g, 75g, 100g, 125g, 375g) or swab.
  • Serological tests. Including Salmonella serological somatic (O) test and the Salmonella serological flagellar (H) test or the Spicer-Edwards flagellar (H) test.

Sample Type

The service is suitable for food samples or environmental test samples.

Our Advantages

  • We have experience in detecting Salmonella in various types of food samples
  • Strictly implement standard operating procedure
  • Ensure fast, accurate, sensitive and specific detection and reliable experimental data
  • Multiple Salmonella test services to meet customer needs
  • 24/7 online service
  • Shorter test cycle and more competitive price

Workflow of Salmonella Test Service at Creative BioMart Microbe


The detection of Salmonella has a special status in the food industry. Not only does it need to be tested for Salmonella to monitor the quality of the food, but it also requires environmental sampling of production and processing facilities to detect Salmonella to achieve the monitoring of the production environment. At Creative BioMart Microbe, we provide excellent Salmonella test services for these samples. If you need to carry out related testing services for Salmonella, please feel free to contact us, we can provide you with better service and more favorable prices.

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