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Fecal Microbiota Test Service

Intestinal microbiota plays an important role in the metabolism, development and the generation of diseases of the body. At present, the microbial community can be identified from the feces or intestinal contents, and the function of microorganisms, as well as the correlation between them and the environment can be studied.

Creative BioMart Microbe currently has an intestinal microbiology research laboratory, high-throughput sequencing analysis technology and library building platform, which can be collaborated with research institutes or hospitals. Our fecal microbial testing services include microbial genome extraction, high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics analysis, etc.

  • Sample (feces, intestinal contents) microbial genome extraction & High-throughput sequencing
  • We used the fecal bacterial genomic DNA extraction kit to extract DNA and build the database.

    Creative BioMart Microbe sequenced feces using microbial 16S sequencing. The databases include Silva (V119), RDP and Greengene.

    The 16S rRNA gene encodes small subunits of prokaryotic ribosomes, including 9 variable regions and 10 conserved regions. Among them, the conserved region sequences reflect the relationship between species, while the variable region sequences reflect the differences between species, which are the most commonly used and useful markers for bacterial taxonomy, species abundance and phylogenetic studies.

Fecal Microbiota Test Service

  • Bioinformatics analysis and statistical analysis
  • After optimizing the sequence, Creative BioMart Microbe can provide the following different analyses according to the actual needs of customers:

Fecal Microbiota Test Service

Creative BioMart Microbe's gut microbiome testing platform provides the following services:

  • Differences in intestinal flora between the disease group and the healthy group
  • Intestinal flora of the same population at different growth and development stages
  • Study the intestinal flora of drug or dietary intervention groups
  • Study the intestinal flora of a population during the occurrence and development of a disease

Benefits of Creative BioMart Microbe's Fecal Microbiological Assay:

Compared with other types of laboratories, our gut microbiology technology platform can more accurately study the species and the corresponding abundance of microorganisms in the samples and quantify a certain type of microbes in the samples. Not only that, but we can also get bacterial strains of the microbes in the samples by anaerobic culture.

Sample Collection Requirements:

Fresh feces samples, about 1g for each sample, stored in -80℃ refrigerator, do not freeze and thaw repeatedly.

Sample Delivery Requirements:

Please try to use ice box (foam box + dry ice + ice bag) when sending samples to ensure low temperature conditions during transportation.

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