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Industrial Microbiology Services

Microbiological testing has an important position in many industrial fields. Creative BioMart Microbe has specialized microbiology experts in these industries to help customers in various industries to solve the needs of the microbiological field. High-quality and fast service, and accurate and sensitive detection are the reasons why customers have always chosen and trusted Creative BioMart Microbe.

At Creative BioMart Microbe, We Provide the Following Food Microbiology Services:

Industrial Microbiology Services Fermentation Services
Fermentation is a microbial technology involved in multiple industries. We have a team of experts who have been engaged in the fermentation industry for many years, and can provide customers with services such as fermentation strain optimization, fermentation process development, process scale-up, etc. At the same time, we provide small, medium and large-scale fermentation products commissioned production services.
Industrial Microbiology Services Cosmetic Microbiological Testing Services
Microbial contamination may cause the product to deteriorate and cause harm to consumers. Therefore, the microorganisms in cosmetics need to be detected and monitored. We have the ability to provide microbiological testing for customers in the cosmetics industry. A number of professional services help customers ensure the quality of cosmetics.
Industrial Microbiology Services Antimicrobial Testing Services for Textiles
Some special-purpose textiles need to have antibacterial properties. Creative BioMart Microbe provides antibacterial testing services for manufacturers of such textiles. A number of testing services that meet international standards can help customers better control the quality of textiles.
Industrial Microbiology Services Antimicrobial Testing Services for Hard Surface
Some hard surface production processes will add antibacterial agents to reduce microbial contamination, such as ceramics and other interior decoration materials. We provide customers with a number of antimicrobial hard surface testing services that meet international standards to meet the needs of different customers.
Industrial Microbiology Services Performance Testing Services of Disinfectant
Disinfectants have the ability to kill bacteria and fungi. The quality control of disinfectants involves verification tests of their performance. We have many years of experience in disinfectant performance testing services, and can provide customers with fast and accurate disinfectant antibacterial efficacy testing services.
Industrial Microbiology Services Microbiology Services for Oil & Gas
Bacterial and fungal contamination may damage the quality and value of fuels such as oil and natural gas, which requires microbial sampling and testing on oil and gas infrastructure to monitor the fuel quality and the integrity of the infrastructure. Creative BioMart Microbe has a professional oil field microbial service platform to meet the needs of customers.
Industrial Microbiology Services Microbial Testing Services of Medical Devices
Some medical devices have sterility requirements, so microbial testing is required during the production and quality control of these medical devices. We provide customers with high-quality medical device microbiological testing services, professional services and strict operating regulations can provide support for customers' business.

Why Choose Creative BioMart Microbe?

  • Creative BioMart Microbe has many years of service experience in the field of microbiology, and has set up different microbiology expert teams for multiple industries to solve the microbiological problems involved according to the characteristics of each industry.
  • We have a professional microbiological technology platform that can provide customers with microbiological testing services that meet industry standards.
  • Providing professional and high-quality microbiological services has always been our value. We provide 24/7 service and provide feedback as soon as possible to ensure that we can provide efficient services to customers.

Creative BioMart Microbe has always been committed to becoming a trusted partner of our customers. If you happen to have relevant microbiological testing needs, Creative BioMart Microbe is a good choice for you. Please feel free to contact us for more service information.

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