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ADD Testing Service

The agar disk diffusion (ADD) method resulted by the Kirby-Bauer is a standardized technique for testing rapidly growing pathogens.

Creative BioMart Microbe provides precise ADD methods testing services to determine the best antibiotic to use against a new or drug-resistant pathogen according to Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) guidelines.

The basic principle of ADD method testing the effectiveness of antibiotics on a specific microorganism:

  • An agar plate (4 mm deep, the standard Kirby– Bauer procedure) is first spread with bacteria, then place the paper disks of different antibiotics on the surface
  • After a period of growth (overnight), observe the growth of bacteria and the effect of antibiotics on it
  • The amount of space around every antibiotic disk indicates the lethality of that antibiotic on the bacteria in question
  • Highly effective antibiotics (disk C) will produce a wide ring of no bacterial growth, while an ineffective antibiotic (disk A) will show no change in the surrounding bacterial concentration at all
  • The effectiveness of intermediate antibiotics (disk B) can be measured using their zone of inhibition

A schematic of the standard ADD model
Figure1. A schematic of the standard ADD model (From Wikipedia).

Example of ADD testing
Figure 2. Example of ADD testing (From Wikipedia).

Following CLSI protocols, Creative BioMart Microbe offers in vitro ADD testing using mechanized arms instruments, automatic pipette, etc. to avoid errors and irrelevant pollution whenever possible. Each assay is validated with the appropriate quality control organism and antimicrobial agent.

The Advantages of ADD Assay Service Provided by Creative BioMart Microbe:

  • Test articles can be natural or synthetic, mixtures or purified.
  • Hundreds of bacterial strains, including ESKAPE pathogens (S. aureus, K. pneumoniae, A. baumanii, P. aeruginosa, Enterobacter sp, etc.), multi drug-resistant clinical isolates, and multiple fungal strains, are available in our inventory for immediate testing.
  • There is a standardized ADD process in our microbiological testing laboratory, including relatively sterile operating environment, culture fluid dilution standard, depth of agar plate, thickness of petri dish, pH value, etc.
  • Creative BioMart Microbe has a complete and comprehensive ADD technology system and a complete laboratory testing technology platform in the industry, which can provide personalized testing services.
  • The experienced technical team always ensures the implementation of strict and standardized experimental procedures to ensure the reliability and repeatability of the results.
  • Short service cycle and competitive price.
  • Urgent services are available.
  • Ensure 24/7 online service.

Workflow of ADD Assay Service in Creative BioMart Microbe

Gut Microbiota Composition Remodeling Service

Our ADD testing service, MIC assay service and genetic testing service about AST service can help clinical or non-clinical customers to test the antimicrobial susceptibility and effectiveness of various types of gram-bacteria and fungi.

The expert team of Creative BioMart Microbe has always been able to provide our customers with efficient and accurate AST testing services and has been a trusted partner of our customers.

If you are interested in our ADD assay service or AST testing services, please feel free to contact us. Creative BioMart Microbe looks forward to cooperating with you.

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