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Gut Microbiota Composition Remodeling Service

Intestinal microbiota and its composition are associated with a range of diseases, such as metabolic diseases, cancer, inflammatory diseases and so on. It not only activates genes related to intestinal regeneration through epigenetics, but also causes changes in genetic activity during body inflammation. By interfering with the gut microbiome, the metabolites involved can be affected to treat some diseases.

Creative BioMart Microbe can provide research institutes and hospitals with targeted remodeling of intestinal microbiome, which can significantly improve the efficiency of fecal transplantation and ultimately achieve the goal of disease prevention and control. We provide several gut microbiota composition remodeling methods:

Gut Microbiota Composition Remodeling Service

  • Small molecules interfere with intestinal microorganisms
  • The use of antibiotics, cyclopeptide or other proteins, enzymes, etc. to process the host intestinal tract and change the signaling molecular pathway, such as inhibiting the trimethylamine production pathway of intestinal microorganisms in the lyase activity can inhibit the development of atherosclerosis in vivo.

  • Oral probiotics increase the abundance of intestinal microbes
  • In the face of some beneficial substances that cannot be absorbed by the intestine, such as fiber or oligosaccharides, probiotics can be administered to the stomach to improve the abundance of intestinal microflora. Or simply gavage some of the necessary live bacteria to reshape the gut microbiome.

  • Intestinal fecal flora transplantation
  • Fecal microflora transplantation is a technique of transplanting exogenous healthy microflora into the recipient intestines to change the microecological disorder of the recipient intestines and restore the healthy and stable state. The host can treat gastrointestinal diseases and improve the microbial environment of the gastrointestinal tract by oral administration of the supernatant of the feces of the healthy donor.

  • Comparison of microbial community similarity
  • After the remodeling of intestinal microbial community, Creative BioMart Microbe offers the comparation using the Bray-Curtis distance parameters, between the similarity and difference of microbial community, with 16S high-throughput sequencing to calculate the remodeling efficiency.

Creative BioMart Microbe has a research team of intestinal microbiome metabolomics, master the design ideas of high-level intestinal microbiome research, and can combine traditional antibiotic methods with fecal transplantation to significantly improve the customization efficiency of exogenous fecal flora. The intestinal microbial community can also be selectively remodeled through cyclic peptide library to achieve directional remodeling.

Workflow of Gut Microbiota Composition Remodeling Service in Creative BioMart Microbe

Gut Microbiota Composition Remodeling Service

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