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Sterile Mice Customized Service

Sterile mice are an important animal model for the study of intestinal microorganism and has been widely used in immunology, metabolism and other fields. Creative BioMart Microbe has a full set of aseptic mice breeding system, strictly adhere to the specifications of aseptic mice culture. We can provide customers with more than the average standard of sterile mice, sterile mice isolators and sterile feeding kit reagents supplies, etc.

Wild Type Sterile Mice Model Customization

Currently, Creative BioMart Microbe offers two germ-free mice strains that meet different medical and biological needs, as shown below:

Sterile Mice Customized Service

  • C57BL/6 strain
  • It is the most commonly used inbred line in oncology, physiology, genetics, and is also the first choice for the study of diet-induced obesity.

  • BALB/c strain
  • It is a commonly used inbred strain with good reproductive performance and is widely used in the study of syngeneic tumor models, asthma and allergy.

    Sterile mice strains continue to be updated...

Gene-Edited Germ-Free Mice Model Customization

No matter what kind of mice strain you need, Creative BioMart Microbe can provide you with germ-free mice models tailored to your specific scientific and clinical disease research needs, such as customizable germ-free mice models, HFA mice models based on germ-free mice for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and other diseases, genetically engineered animal models and other gene editing model mice, etc.

Aseptic Rat Related Laboratory Services

Considering the higher requirements of germ-free rat breeding, we can make reasonable experiment plan according to the specific needs of users and provide personalized germ-free rat experiment technical services to customers.

Aseptic Equipment Sales, Installation and Operation Training Services

In addition to providing sterile mice models, Creative BioMart Microbe's sterile animal research platform can also provide customers with breeding isolators and laboratory isolators, sterile rat feed, sterile indication labels and other equipment and consumables, as well as provide customers with equipment operation training to ensure smooth use of equipment.

Creative BioMart Microbe's Relevant Aseptic Mouse Models Are as Follows:

  • Wild type/custom type sterile mice
  • Personalized customization service (such as HFA sterile mice)
  • Intestinal microbiome interaction mechanism one-stop operation

Sterile mice do not have any detectable live bacteria, viruses and parasites in or out of the body, and no microorganism interferes with the study, so it is essential to study the mechanism of intestinal bacteria action. Creative BioMart Microbe's sterile animal research platform solves the technical problem of studying the effects of bacteria or strains on the organism and provides effective support for the research on intestinal flora.

Creative BioMart Microbe's sterile animal research platform has a rigorous laboratory management system and a professional scientific management team. In the material control system, our laboratory adopts sterile feed and pad for mice that meet international standards, and strictly blocks all kinds of bacteria in the external environment under the feeding conditions.

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