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Microbiology Services for Oil & Gas

Oil and gas have always been the world's main energy sources and are closely related to industry and life. Petroleum microbiology is currently a research direction related to oil, and microbial monitoring can effectively control the damage caused by microorganisms. The rational utilization of oilfield microorganisms is also of great significance for improving the production and quality of oil and gas. Creative BioMart Microbe experts provide customers with microbiological services related to oil and gas, helping customers monitor microbes or advance related research.

Creative BioMart Microbe Provides the Following Microbiology Services for Customers in the Oil & Gas Industry:

  • Microbiologically Isolation and Identification Service
  • Microbiology Services for Oil & Gas

    In the case of long-term storage of oil and gas, bacterial or mold contamination will have a huge impact on the fuels and reduce their value. In addition, pipeline corrosion caused by microorganisms is another reason that affects the value of fuel. We provide high-quality and rapid microbiologically isolation and identification services. Creative BioMart Microbe has a world-class microbial detection platform to serve customers and help you identify and monitor microorganisms that cause pollution and damage to the environment and pipelines, including acid producing bacteria, sulfate reducing bacteria, nitrate-reducing bacteria, methanogens, etc.

  • Biocide Testing Service
  • The use of biocide can resist microbial contamination in the oil and gas system. The biocide test can be used to evaluate the efficacy of biocide and facilitate the development of appropriate microbial treatment programs. We provide customers with efficient biocide testing services, including biocide efficacy evaluation, biocide screening, toxicity testing, and biocide optimization. A number of biocide test projects help customers to develop appropriate biocide programs.

  • Microbial Treatment of Paraffin Deposition
  • The rational use of microorganisms is of beneficial significance to oil exploitation. In oil extraction, paraffin deposition will have a huge impact on oil well production, oil transportation and storage systems, resulting in major economic losses. Microbial treatment is a new way to solve the paraffin deposition, which can effectively prevent the deposition of paraffin and asphaltene. We provide outsourcing scientific and research services for the microbial treatment of paraffin deposition to help customers advance the research progress in this area.

Why Choose Creative BioMart Microbe?

  • We have many excellent petroleum microbiology experts and are equipped with advanced experimental facilities. We apply our rich experience and extensive knowledge to help solve the problems of customers.
  • Multiple service items meet the needs of different customers, and customized services realize the individual needs of customers.
  • The price of Creative BioMart Microbe is very competitive in the industry and the price is favorable.
  • We have been providing customers with efficient services and can provide customers with urgent services.

Creative BioMart Microbe has many years of microbiological service experience, and has always provided customers with excellent service, helping customers solve many microbiological related problems. Our numerous cooperation with customers has proved that Creative BioMart Microbe is a trustworthy microbial service company for customers. Our team of experts coordinated and cooperated to develop high-quality solutions for customers.

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