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Drug Development Microbial Service

Microorganisms have always played an important role in drug development. Whether in the expression of antibodies, the production of therapeutic proteins and vaccines, or the discovery of novel drugs, microorganisms have important research significance. As an expert in the field of microbiology and a leader in the industry, Creative BioMart Microbe has been committed to helping customers advance the progress of drug development. We have many advanced microbiological technology platforms and outstanding microbiologists in the industry, and can provide multiple microbial services to customers in the field of drug development.

Creative BioMart Microbe Provides the Following Microbial Services for Customers in the Drug Development Field:

  • Microbial Expressed Antibodies Custom Service
  • The microbial expression system is suitable for the expression of single-chain antibody scFv, Fab and mini-antibodies. We provide customers with a variety of microbial systems that can be used for high-yield expression of antibodies, including bacterial, fungal and yeast systems. At the same time, we also provide a bacterial display service to support customers' antibody development projects. Our antibody services include codon optimization and gene synthesis, vector construction, antibody purification, etc.

  • Antigen Preparation Service
  • High-quality antigens are essential for antibody development. For microbial expressed antibodies custom service, customers can provide your own antigens or choose our antigen preparation service to obtain antigens. We have rich experience in antigen preparation, including recombinant protein antigens and peptide antigens. We provide one-stop antigen preparation services from gene synthesis and plasmid construction to protein expression and purification.

    Drug Development Microbial Service

  • Drug and Active Molecule Discovery
  • In the research related to the discovery of drugs and active molecules, microorganisms are important research objects, especially in the development and research of novel antibiotic drugs. We provide microbe-based solutions for researchers engaged in the discovery of drugs and active molecules. Our services include genome analysis, high-throughput screening, screening of microbial extracts, etc.

  • Microbial Fermentation Service for Bio-Pharmaceuticals
  • Our complete microbial fermentation technology and rich fermentation experience can provide customers in the drug development and manufacturing industries with high-quality microbial fermentation services. Our technical team uses microorganisms to produce a variety of drugs and biological preparations for customers' related research, including hormones, vaccines, therapeutic proteins, etc.

  • Stability Testing Service
  • Stability study is an important study in the process of drug development, which is of key significance for determining the shelf life and storage conditions of drugs. We provide stability testing services for customers in the field of drug development and research, including container closure integrity testing, sterility testing, endotoxin testing and microbial limit testing services.

  • Custom Service
  • We also provide customers with customized microbiological services related to drug development. Customers can communicate with our experts in detail, and our experts will work out a personalized service implementation plan based on your research needs and our technology platforms.

These drug development microbial services provided by Creative BioMart Microbe are dedicated to helping customers advance the research process of drug development. If you want to know more about our drug development microbial services, please feel free to contact us.

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